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Vicky Ellis

Victoria “Vicky” Ellis is the main character from the Facebook Web Series Queen America. Vicky was a former american pageant and former Miss Ocklahoma. Now in her late 40's she's a pageant coach in Ocklahoma.

Vicky comes from a humble, poor and unstructured family. She has a sister, Katie, and the two were raised by their mother. Vicky's mother was engaged in prostitution an as a child Vicky often stole food from bars while her mother "worked".

Already as a child, Vicky wanted to leave her poor life as soon as possible and saw a future as a pageant. Soon she was sponsored by Regina King, who represented and trained her. Regina taught Vicky that you have to succeed at all costs to have a good life.

In her teen days Vicky became pregnant and had a daughter (Bella), however and on the advice of Regina Vicky gave her daughter to her sister Katie to raise her as her mother. Since then only she and Katie know who is the real mother of Bella.


Vicky and Nigel Hill (the hair and make-up artist who works for Vicky) during a rehearsal of Samantha Cole, the pageant Vicky trains.

Vicky had a momentary success in his youth when she was elected Miss Oklahoma, then she continued in the world of Pageants as a coach and manager.

She is currently training and preparing the new Miss Oklahoma.

Vicky is so dedicated to hher work that she is not allowed to have a personal life committed to anyone, she is not even able to take care of her boyfriend's daughter for a few hours. However, Vicky has a weakness for Bella whom she treats as her niece and from whom she tries to earn her love.


Vicky giving some advice to one of her pageants.

Vicky's relationship with her sister is tight and of love/hate, since they have very different priorities in life, however she and Bella are the only family ties that Vicky retains.

At work Vicky is ruderless, strictly trains her pageants and does not hesitate to play dirty to eliminate competition from her chosen ones. The suicide of her mentor Regina King, far from making her consider her ruderless and lonely lifestyle, makes her even more ruthless.