Michael Douglas


Michael Kirk Douglas
September 25, 1944 (75 years old)
New Brunswick, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Westport, Connecticut, U.S.A.
Actor & producer
Years active:
Diana Webster (deceased)
Kirk Douglas (deceased)
Little Brothers:
Joel Douglas
Peter Douglas
Eric Douglas (deceased)
Diandra Luker (m. 1977-2000)
Catherine Zeta-Jones (m. 2000)
with Diandra:
Cameron Douglas (b. 1978; son)

with Catherine:
Dylan Douglas (b. 2000; son)
Carys Douglas (b. 2003; daughter)

Michael Kirk Douglas (born September 25, 1944) is an English-American/Irish-American/Scottish-American/Welsh-American/French-American/Belgian-American/Dutch-American/Jewish-American actor & producer.


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  • Michael's English-American, Irish-American, Scottish-American, Welsh-American, French-American, Belgian-American & Dutch-American on Diana's side and Jewish-American on Kirk's side.
  • Michael was 2 when Joel was born.
  • Michael was 6 when Diana & Kirk got divorced.
  • Michael was 9 when Kirk & Anne got married.
  • Michael was 11 when Peter was born.
  • Michael was 12 when Diana & Bill got married.
  • Michael was 13 when Eric was born.
  • Michael was 32 when he married Diandra.
  • Michael was 34 when Diandra gave birth to Cameron.
  • Michael was 47 when Bill died.
  • Michael was 55 when he & Diandra got divorced and when Catherine gave birth to Dylan.
  • Michael was 56 when he married Catherine.
  • Michael was 58 when Diana & Donald got married and when Catherine gave birth to Carys.
  • Michael was 59 when Eric died.
  • Michael was
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