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Doctor Victoria Siebert played by Catherine Zeta-Jones in "Side Effects"

Doctor Victoria Siebert is one of the main characters of the phycological thriller Side Effects

Siebert is a reputed psychiatrist. Her husband abandoned her in the past for unknown reasons.

She is bisexual and she begins a romantic and sexual relationship with one of her patients: Emily Taylor.

Emily has lost the opulent lifestyle she had with her husband (since her husband got to jail). So the lovers Victoria and Emily plan a plot to kill Emily's husband (Martin) after his release from jail... and also plan to get rich at the same time.

Their plan is that Emily will fake a depression, Victoria will convince Emily's new psychiatrist Jonathan Banks  to put Emily on a new drug called Ablixa. Then Emily will kill her husband, and then she will allege that she was using that experimental drug (Ablixa) having experimented side effects.

With this plan Emily will get free of charges and both Victoria and Emily will get rich with a fraudulent brokerage operation involving buying and selling shares from Ablixa.

But the plan went wrong when Jonathan discovers the plot and signs Emily into a mental institution. Victoria then tries to do everything possible to free her. But Jonathan manages to turn Emily and Victoria against each other by using legal means to prevent contact between them and making each believe that her partner had sold her out to Jonathan for a better deal.


After having a reunion with her lover Emily, Victoria is arrested by the police.

Jonathan then agrees to release Emily from the psychiatric ward under his care. Wearing a wire, she immediately re-unites with Victoria, who admits details of the plot to Emily while kissing and caressing her. Victoria is arrested for conspiracy to commit murder.


Catherine Zeta-Jones portrays Doctor Victoria Siebert as a serious and stiff woman who hasn't completely got over about the abandon of her husband.

But when she meets Emily, she falls in love with her and dreams with a future together. But her ambitions to have Emily, to get rich and to live with her without worries blinds her and makes her act coolly and with malice. She plans with coldness a heist and murder of an innocent man.

However, her feelings for Emily are strong. She tried everything to free her from a mental institution and she felt really betrayed when Emily set her up to be arrested by the police.